Lists of tariffs

Tariff “A” in the year 1395 of The first class privet hospitals in Tehran

single bed room 6480000+720000 Rial
Two-bed room 5040000 Rial
public room 3600000 Rial
NICU 12960000 Rial
ICU/g 12960000 Rial
CCU&POSTCATH 8280000 Rial
POST CCU 6480000 Rial
Baby bed 2517000 Rial
Incubator 3600000 Rial
Companion in Two-bed room 720000 Rial
Companion in single bed room 720000 Rial
day car bed 1320000 Rial
Icu/oh 12960000 Rial


In the case of using a single bed room (the first row) costs for companion (11th row) is included in the patient’s charges.