Emergency Department


Triage services (screening) of individuals referring, and prioritizing to provide health services.

Referral of patients to the relevant care unit.

Providing health care services to accident victims such as car accidents falls from height, etc.

Providing health services to internal- surgery emergency incidents such as acute abdominal pain, pancreatitis, asthmatic attacks, etc.

Admission of cardiovascular patients including myocardial infarction (heart stroke), aneurysm of aorta, angina pectoris, etc.

Providing emergency cardio-pulmonary resuscitation services in cardiopulmonary arrest patients.

Organizing, dispatching, and reception to other health centers in case of no vacancy.

Performing emergency and minor surgical procedures including wound suture.


Providing outpatient services (clinics and emergency department):

Venipuncture, serum therapy

Removing stitches

Removing foley catheter

Changing wound dressing


Orthopedic services (helping the orthopedic physician to cast, remove the pin, etc.) and open the cast of foley catheter

Providing 9 services to pediatric patients, such as washing, placing nebulizer, etc.


Different parts of the emergency department:

Triage room

Code Room (cardio-pulmonary-neural resuscitation operation)

Surgery room

Casting room

Patients monitoring room (ladies and gentlemen)


Patients’ admission:

Admission of patients could be done during day and night.

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Contact With Emergency

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