Women’s Ward


  • Conducting labor (natural and C-section) and supervising maternal and neonatal hygiene
  • Treating the internal-surgical conditions of women (vaginal, laparoscopic, and abdominal and ovary removal)
  • Performing oncologic surgeries on women suffering from uterine, ovarian, and vulvar cancer
  • Conducting uterus reconstructive surgery, rectum surgery, abdominal anomalies surgery, urinary tract surgery, and urinary fistula surgery (genital and anogenital)
  • Treating fibroids
  • Treating infertility and implanting embryo
  • Treating endometriosis
  • Treating menstrual disorders
  • Treating post-menopause hemorrhage
  • Periodic examinations (annual checkups such as the Papanicolaou test and pelvis examinations)
  • Curettage (diagnostic/removal)
  • EP
  • Abortion (placental abruption and hemorrhagic) and the Burch surgery

Address: Floor 1, Day hospital
E-mail: [email protected]