Introduction of Day Hospital

day hospital



The construction of Day hospital was started in 1985 with the early plot and considering the adaptation plan by the private ownership in a 19656 square meters site. The exploitation was initiated on January 4, 1991, in an area of 2879 thousand square meters in one block. The hospital operation began in 1992 under license number 8779/k, and the development plan started in the same year.



Today, Day Hospital operates with 200 permanent beds and 196 active beds as a public first class hospital as one of the largest specialized health centers in the country.

  The hospital was established aiming to promote the level of general and specialized health care services with the latest devices and the most modern facilities in the whole country.  The primary objective of managers is to maintain the highest quality of care in a standardized and peaceful environment along with the best international hospitals for improving the quality of community health. The hospital runs through the highest standards and presents the best possible styles of care.


A perspective on Day hospital:

Day Hospital is a pioneer in utilization of modern healthcare technologies, making it able to provide unique specialized services. Day hospital is always a step ahead of the defined medicine facilities in our country by recruiting efficient staff, as well as employing the best doctors and professors in the field. The hospital is an example of a facility moving by the newest trends in medicine, making it the most recognized hospital in the region.

The presence of the most famous professors, experienced physicians, and committed personnel of this specialist center has become a point of hope for all patients in the field of health. The increasing satisfaction, respect, responsibility and being trustworthy to the patients from inside and outside the country is a fact supporting this claim.