Neonatal section of Day hospital possesses "Baby-Friendly" figure given by from Ministry of Health and Medical Education from 1375. This section with possessing 20 Infant Beds, 6 incubators, 5 resuscitation beds in ICU and Utilization of professional infant specialists and also experienced and registered nurses and modern equipment and facilities present their services to 3 groups of Neonatal:


First group: Well babies

This group involves the babies that Pediatricians visit them after birth and after one hour of Vaccination and health insurance, the babies can go to their mothers and will be under the complete supervision of nurses in this section.


Second group: Sick babies

This group involves the babies that are born with low Apgar score and pediatricians visit them after born and do preserving and diagnostic actions such as blood tests, needed Radiographies, Echocardiography and if needed consultation with other pediatricians of infants such as heart pediatricians and will be under the complete supervision in the Neonatal



Third group: Premature babies or having respiratory failure

This group of Neonatal is under full care with using whole needed equipment for resuscitation and taking care of them with mechanical ventilation device (CPAP device), heart and lung monitoring control and etc. These babies usually born sooner than the expected time and the growth and development stages of their vital organs do not accomplish so that they will need preserving actions.


Special activities in the Neonatal section are:

  • Primary Health Care from well babies
  • The full supervision on the mother and the baby in the Rooming-in project
  • Teaching mothers how to Breastfeed and take care of their babies
  • Presenting care for sick babies, premature babies and babies with respiratory failure
  • Accountability and guidance of mothers after discharge through the telephone service


Contact with the Neonatal

Address: Floor 1d, Day Hospital

Tel: 88785826

Email: [email protected]