Operating Room

The operating rooms complex in this hospital consists of nine active operating rooms that provide surgical services to different surgical departments on the following three floors.

The women’s operating room section, which consists of three operating rooms, is situated on the first floor next to the women’s and neonates wards.

Operating rooms section covering the fourth and fifth floors consists of the following segments:

  • Two heart surgery operating rooms adjacent to the open heart surgery ICU and pediatric heart ICU.
  • Four general and specialized surgery operating rooms next to the heart surgery ward and surgical ward no. 4


One of the distinctive advantages of Day Hospital is the availability of all world-class equipment and facilities that allow a wide range of surgeries.

This complex is isolated from the other parts and it is run in accordance with precise sterilization standards.

The operating rooms start operation from 7.30AM to 7PM, and all emergency surgeries are carried out 24 hours due to the presence of resident surgeons in the hospital.


Operating Room Admission


Surgeries are conducted at predetermined times or urgently after making arrangements with the operating room managers.