The process of patient reception in reception unit of the hospital

The process of patient reception in reception unit of the hospital

{Whether the patient has the Letter of hospitalization}

No: call the physician to get admission (reception unit personnel)

Yes: presenting the physicians Introduction letter to reception unit for hospitalization (patient/ his/her Companion)

Proceeding to admission the patient in hospital (receptionist)

Is there any empty bed?


Announcing to the patient to wait until an empty bed is left (reception unit personnel)

Whether the Emergency acceptance is necessary?


Getting the patients phone number to call and register it in the waiting list (reception unit personnel)


Coordination with the emergency unit for temporary admission of the patient (reception unit personnel)

            Transferring the patient to the emergency unit (Patient transmitter)

            Making the outpatient file in emergency unit

            Performing Initial Therapies (emergency physician)

            Control the patient until a bed got empty (emergency nurse)

            Call the patient in the case a bed got emptied


            If the patient has a ID card


            Announcing the secretary and recording in patient file (reception unit personnel)


Get the photo ID card for file formation (reception unit personnel)

Form the file and record the patients information in the ? system (reception unit personnel)

Whether the patient is covered by insurance


Refer the patient or his/her companion to cash desk (reception unit personnel)


Get the Insurance confirmation (Accounting unit)

Completing the file and print the sheets in the file (reception unit personnel)

Get the completed Patient Satisfaction Form for hospitalization (reception unit personnel)

Print the Patient identification bracelet (reception unit personnel)

Guiding the recheck the Patient identification bracelet by the patient or his/her companion (reception unit personnel)

Closing the identification bracelet in accordance with the hospital's internal instructions (reception unit personnel)

Recheck the patient hospitalization file and record it in the file (reception unit personnel)

Announcing the department to coordinate for patient entrance (reception unit personnel)

Giving the sack, clothing, a manual, a companion card upon the patient's request (reception unit)

Train the patient and complete the patient training form (reception unit personnel)

Welcome (reception unit personnel)

Transfer the patient to section (patient carrier)

Patient/patient companion entrance to the section]


In the case the patient needs wheelchair for transferring to the section, he/she should transfer with wheelchair.