Cardiac Department

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Department of Cardiology

Department of cardiology and artery of Day hospital has been working with the experienced cardiologists, pediatric cardiologists and cardiologists to develop cardiology, cardiology, electrophysiology, and cardiology. The hospital is still in progress, and with the new diagnostic capabilities and technology, the current healthcare provider continually offers its services in a wide range of cardiovascular diseases, since establishing the hospital in 1369.

The specialists of this department also have a wide range of partnerships with other specialized hospitals such as vascular surgery, internal medicine (nephrology, endocrine, lung and special care) and surgery, radiology, CT, and physiotherapy in order to provide the desired services.

Services of this department is divided into these parts:

-General cardiology and artery medicine {medical treatment as well as right and left heart catheterization and coronary and peripheral vascular angiography}

-Cardiology { Right and left cardiac catheterization, coronary and peripheral vascular diagnostic angiography, intravascular ultrasound (IVUS), and invasive therapeutic interventions such as angioplasty, stentation, embolectomy and valvuloplasty of the valve}

- Eco cardiography

- Electrophysiology {survey and treatment of breeding and planting of different types of pacemakers}

- Surgery of Cardiology and Artery

- Surgery and peripheral artery intronsion

- Cardiology of children

- Rehabilitation (EECP) and Stem Cell Application

- Supervised parts of the cardiology and artery system

Supervised parts are consist of:

Cardiology Care  unit Department (CCU) section

After CCU care section

Laboratory of cardiology and artery Catheterization section

Catheter / Angiography Care Unit (Postcoat) section

General section

Open cardiology surgery section

After Open cardiology surgery care section

Cardiology surgery section

Department of Pediatric cardiology Surgery care

Heart clinic (echo / exercise test / Holter monitoring and stimu


Pediatric Heart Clinic

EECP Unit and Stem Cell Use

Cardiology Research Unit (Pediatrics, Cardiac Surgery, and Cardiology)

Computed tomography (joint collaboration of Radiology and Cardiovascular Specialist for MSCT Angiography)



The names of doctors

A-General cardiology and artery specialists:

B- Cardiology group:

C- Department of Electrophysiology:

D- Echocardiography group:

Ms. Farideh Rooshanali, Echocardiographic Fellowship

All cardiovascular experts mentioned in cases a, b and c

Z: cardiology and artery surgery group

R: Children's cardiology group

T: EECP group