Cath lab

Cardiac catheterization lab (Cath lab section)

Cath lab section of the hospital has started working from 1372 under the supervision of cardiac department with one Cineangiography device and at the moment presents Diagnostic, treatment, invasive and Electrophysiology services and activities with 3 laboratories,  Equipped with 3 Phillips Cineangiography devices. The Sensible features of this section are the presence of well-known experts and world-class equipment and technologies which provide a wide range of Invasive processors with high chances.


The followings are presented services in this section:

Catheterize of left heart or right heart (Adults and children)

Coronary vasculature angiography

Ultrasonography of intravascular (IVUS)

Angiography of peripheral and central vasculature (kidney, leg vasculature and ….)

Coronary vasculature angioplasty with pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical stent Improvisation.

peripheral vasculature Angioplasty

Angioplasty and stenting of carotid and vertebral entries.

Ventricular, atrial septal defect and PDA

Treatment of descending aneurysm aorta with improvising Stent Graft.


Valvuloplasty of Mitral valve and Pulmonary artery

Electrophysiology studies for determination of productive hotspots of heart rhythm disorders and examining the reasons of heart blocks.

Single, dual and triple chambers improvisation and permanent ICD.

Transvenous Pacemaker improvisation (temporary)

Radiofrequency ablation for rhythm disorders treatment

Emergency angioplasty in acute heart attack (acute coronary syndrome) in office hours

Emergency coronary vasculature angioplasty and angioplasty


Patients' acceptance way

Admission of patients in this department by appointment with the introduction of a letter from the doctor on his or her working day, in emergency situations, in coordination with the department of cardiologists and on the non-working days of the relevant experts, if the bed is vacant.


Contact with the Cath Lab

Address: Floor -1

Tel: 84942620 - 84942619  

Email: [email protected]