Dialysis Unit

The dialysis unit of Day Hospital was launched by Dr. Hashemirad (nephrologist) in 1991 when the hospital started operation. This unit has been run by Dr. Alirea Nasrullahi, a nephrology specialist and a faculty member of Shahid Beheshti University. The diagnostic-therapeutic services of this department are provided as follows using the renal replacement equipment and facilities.

  • Acute and chronic renal failure
  • Kidney stone (etiologic analysis of kidney stones)
  • Fluid and electrolyte disorders
  • Renal replacement therapies such as hemodialysis, acute peritoneal dialysis, and CRRT
  • Kidney transplantation


The above services are provided to the internal medicine wards no. 1 and 2 and the dialysis ward on the third floor of the hospital adjacent to CCU.



Dr. Nasrollahi