Heart ICU section (ICU OH)

ICU section heart surgery is one of the most active nonprofit heart surgery in Iran which can held more than 100 surgery each month and can provide services for the patients in all 24 hours. This section is working by famous Iranian surgeons, department of anesthetic heart, nurses who has been trained of Cardiac surgery course , new facilities of the world for monitoring and surgery of heart and lung, supportive facilities of IABP, LVAD and RVAD, Cardiac and pulmonary resuscitation  and supportive facilities for heart surgery. And this complex can provide services in this contexts:

  • provide caregivers after coronary Artery Bypass Surgery (open and closed)
  • provide caregivers after surgical repair and replacement of heart valves
  • provide caregivers after congenital Anomaly Heart Restorative Surgery
  • provide caregivers after surgery repair of heart and aortic aneurysms
  • provide caregivers in replacement of the root of the aortic artery
  • provide caregivers in the insertion of a pectoral balloon and a ventricular support device
  • provide caregivers in epicardial pacemaker
  • provide caregivers after pericardiosis
  • provide caregivers in cardiology surgery emergencies such as tamponade
  • provide services after ICU and preparing patient to transfer to Heart surgery section
  • providing care for patients with complications of cardiopulmonary surgery

This section is consist of two independent parts with 8 ICU Beds and 10 post ICU beds and the most useful feature is having an agent of anesthesia in the section in all 24 hours.


Director: Dr. Sirous Naemi

Head nurse : Mrs. Laleh Rezanavaz


Patient Admission

Acceptance of the patient from the operating room, as well as by emergency and dispatch from the office, is coordinated by anesthesiologists.


Contact with the ICU OH

Location : Floor 5d

Tel: 84942517 ( ICU) -  84942508 ( POST ICU)

Email: [email protected]