ICU General


  • Providing intensive respiratory care
  • Providing intensive cardiac care
  • Providing intensive renal care
  • Providing intensive internal medicine/surgical care (in the case of critical gastrointestinal and endocrine diseases, orthopedic conditions, brain and neural disorders, cancer, etc.)
  • Providing intensive brain and neurological care in the case of cerebrovascular incidents 
  • Providing intensive care in the case of neurological surgeries and spinal surgeries
  • Providing intensive care in the case of morbidities
  • Providing intensive care in the case of pharmaceutical and chemical poisoning
  • Providing intensive care after high-risk surgeries
  • Providing intensive care in the case of multiple organ failures
  • Administering renal replacement therapies such as hemodialysis and CRRT
  • Teaching patients and their companions how to provide care at home
Director : Dr. Shahrokh Havaeji

Head nurse : Mrs. Bolhasani


Patient Admission

The general ICU (ICUG) ward is ready to admit all patients in need of intensive care (except for children) 24 hours a day. Patients are admitted after making arrangements with the ward superintendent (the anesthesiologists) through the emergency ward or the officers, or through the transfer of patients from the other hospital wards.

One of the distinctive advantages of this ward is the permanent presence of anesthesiologists, who shoulder the responsibility for supervising the treatment and care services provided to the inpatients in the ICU, providing advice on the conditions of the severely ill patients in the other wards, and making decisions on their transfer.


Location : Floor 2d

Tel:84942229 - 84342239

Email: [email protected]