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NICU – Neonates section

The nursery section of Day hospital carry out the admission process of newborn babies from delivery room or operating room after delivery, and categorizes these babies in two groups of term and preterm infants.


The first group is divided into the following two categories:

A - Well babies

B- Sick babies

Refer to the pediatric section for further details


The second group (NICU section)

Preterm neonates or sick babies with respiratory complications are referred to the NICU.

NICU with complete and modern equipment including ventilator, monitoring, every type of umbilical intravenous and arterial catheters, infant adjusted tubes, infant laryngoscope, oxygen analyzers, neonate chest tubes, syringe pump, serum pump, suction, central and portable oxygen, ambu bags for babies , Oxyhood, transluminator, drugs nebulizer, nebulizer for ventilator and surfactant , etc. is present next to nursery section. This group of infants are transferred to the NICU with mobile incubator, mobile pulse oximeter and oxygen under the supervision of a physician and all necessary measures including intubation, injection of surfactant, insertion of chest tube, and other measures are carried out promptly by a specialist physician. A pediatrician and NICU nurse specialist are present in the department 24-hours a day. This section is under the supervision of neonates fellowship specialists.

It should be noted that all cases of high-risk deliveries are processed under the presence of a pediatrician in the labor room and operating room.


Contact with NICU

Address: Floor 1, Day Hospital  

Tell: 88785832

E-mail: [email protected]