Pediatric Cardiac Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

The Pediatric Cardiac Intensive Care Unit of this hospital was launched in 1999 with 6 ICU beds and 2 post-ICU beds under the supervision of cardiac surgeons, pediatric cardiac specialists, and anesthesiologists. The use of the state-of-the-art technologies of cardiovascular monitoring, respiratory systems for children, and cardiopulmonary resuscitation equipment and the 24 hour presence of resident anesthesiologists have set the scene for the provision of care to children suffering from cardiovascular diseases as explained hereunder.

  • Children with congenital cardiovascular diseases, valve disorders, heart failure, and cardiomyopathy that are in need of intensive care and specialized medicinal treatments.
  • Children suffering from valve disorders or congenital cardiac anomalies who have undergone open heart surgeries.
  • Children who received the right- and left-heart catheterization procedures or trans-catheter therapeutic procedures such as valvuloplasty
  • Children who are in need of cardiopulmonary resuscitation


Patient Admission

Patients are admitted 24 hours through the pediatric heart clinic (during the working hours) and the emergency ward (during the off hours) with the consent of the ICU specialist.

The mother or father of the child may also be present in the unit in accordance with the ward regulations.



Contact with the Pediatric ICU

Address: Floor 5d

Tel: 84942501

Email: [email protected]